Zep Theremin (See video demos below)
This theremin is the kind of thing Jimmy Page of
Led Zeppelin played in "The Song Remains The Same". The antenna is mounted on the end like the one he used. The Zep Theremin has a mic stand mount so you can slip it over any mic stand (mic stand not included). The knob turns the theremin on or off and adjusts starting pitch and sensitivity. The Zep sports a 1/4 inch jack to connect to your amplifier. It also includes a plug-in power adapter so you never have to worry about batteries.

Value priced, this theremin is ready for your next gig!


Steve Zukowsky of Led Zepagain rocks the Zep Theremin in CA (August-07). 4:20 in, check out "Whole Lotta Love", (www.zepagain.com)
New Zeppelin of Norway rocks the Zep Theremin (January 17, 2009). These teenagers flat out rock! Check out the Zep Theremin solo starting around 1:30 into this outstanding rendition of "Whole Lotta Love"
Guitar prodigy, Grant Austin Taylor rocks the Zep Theremin with silky skills that belie his young age. Check out his moves about 4:40 into this clip taped at the 2009 Isle of Wight Festival. Very cool.
(August 11, 2009)
Professor Philip Moriarty of the University of Nottingham demos the Zep Theremin as part of their 'Sixty Symbols' program. An entertaining explanation of the instrument, including a nod to its origin, this short video is informative and infectious. We'd love to take one of his classes!

(August, 2009) Steph Paynes of Lez Zeppelin rocks the Zep Theremin! Enjoy the music - the theremin is featured approximately 3:25 into this great video. Steph is a great promoter of our instruments and we're proud to count her among the friends of Burns Theremins. If you have a chance to visit a show, do it! You won't be disappointed.

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