B3 Pro ThereminB3 Pro Theremin - Craftsmanship, Innovation, Tone & Beauty

Burns Theremins MontageWe want you to have the theremin that's right for you!

B3 Deluxe ThereminB3 Deluxe Theremin - Quality, economy & versatility.

Lydia KavinaTheremin Virtuoso Lydia Kavina plays the Handheld Theremin - You can, too!

Our Instruments - Innovation, Tone and Affordability!

B3 Pro Theremin

B3 Pro ThereminLarger, removable antennas! Craftsmanship, innovation, tone and beauty are the hallmarks of the next generation of the B3 Series.

Limited quantities. Starting at $499.95
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B3 Deluxe Theremin

B3 Deluxe ThereminBecause you asked for it! Longer case, recessed mic stand mount, built with attention to detail, quality & economy. Don't delay! - Starting at $199.95

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B3 Theremin

B3 ThereminComplete theremin with pitch and volume antennas. This is the original B3 Theremin. Ready to play by beginner and pro, the B3 Theremin is a superb value. Get one now!

Starting at $152.00
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Zep Theremin

Zep ThereminThis instrument is modeled after the historic theremin played by Jimmy Page in 'The Song Remains The Same'. Mic stand mounted & rugged, enjoy 5 octaves of playing range! Starting at $83.00


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Great Sounding Theremin

Great Sounding ThereminTheremin value without sacrificing quality. This tabletop model features a 5 octave playing range. A favorite of many, our tried & true design is an excellent choice for anyone and everyone! Starting at $82.00

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Handheld Theremin

Handheld ThereminBattery powered - beginner and Pro perfect. Play on the go! Compact, self contained and ready to play, pick up the Handheld Theremin and create your own atmospheric sounds today! It's waiting for you - $79.95

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Theremin Lessons DVDTheremin Lessons DVD, Extra Power Supplies, International Power Supplies, T-Shirts - here's where to look for add-ons to your theremin collection.


Archives/Theremin History

Clara RockmorePictures and stories about our theremins, plus history of the instrument.



FAQ Question MarkDo I need an amp? How do I get around the international power mismatch problem? In a quandry? Find many frequently asked questions answered here.


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